Wedding Card - Easel Style

The products you could use for making a similar card and the instructions are listed below.


1. I cut a piece of 12 x 12 white cardstock in half – The card is now 6” x 12”. Or you could use the precut cards available.

2. Measure along the longest side and mark at 3” and 6 “ on both side. Score across the card to these markers giving you two fold lines. Fold your card in half – at the 6” fold line.

3. Cut a piece of card as your first layer 6” by 6” for your background piece.

4. Put double sided tape along the lower edge of the front of your base card, up the sides to the first fold line at 3" and then just below the 3” fold line. So the tape should be just surrounding the edges of your lower piece of the front card.

5. Adhere your background piece of card to the front of your base card. You should now just have the bottom part of the background card adherred to the base card and the top piece hanging free.

6. At this point if you take hold of the top of your background cardstock and pull it upwards you should have the easel effect. See photo side view.

7. I used a piece of background paper from the Ever After Collection for my card and then flipped it over and used the coordinating side for the lace border and the piece on the left hand side. There are numerous others you could use either from this collection, the Amore’ or The Wedding Collection which would look elegant.

8. Cut a strip of your coordinating colour 5cm x 11cm to go on the left front of your card as shown (grey). Adhere this to your card with double sided tape.

9. Cut the next layer 11cm x 11cm. I used our new white embossed cardstock from the Wedding Collection. Mat this if you wish before adhereing as shown or do as I have done and ink the edge with silver ink or felt pen. I adhered this with double sided tape but you could also choose foam mounting tape to lift it off the background.

10. Choose your shape from the die cut packet – my shape was from the pink and white pack shown below but you could also use something from the black and white pack. Add you sentiments. I did this with a silver pen. Add the extra bling if you wish then position the die cut on your card where you feel it fits best with foam mounting tape.

11. Join your flowers together with a silver brad.

12. Make a ribbon streamer as shown and hold this together either with glue dots or tie with a piece of silver thread that could also hang down. You could also use a string of pearls or a mix of organsa, pearls, ribbon, tulle etc.

13. Attach the ribbons and the flower to your card with glue dots.

14. Thread ribbon through a buckle as shown and adhere with ribbon glue.

15. Using the underside of the background cardstock punch a lace border if you have a lace punch or cut a strip of the cardstock 3.5cm x 6cm and glue some lace down just on the top edge or the strip. I wouldn’t have it hanging over the edge of the strip as it will bunch when the card is set up as an easel.

16. Attach this with double sided tape to your card – this is on the bottom inside edge of your card – as shown. I left a slight over hang so that when the card is closed shut this creates a nice strip showing along the edge.

17. Adhere your personalised label to the back of your card.

When you open the card there is still plenty of room to add your personal message.