Mariposa Easel Style Card

The instructions to make a similar card and the products used are listed below.


1. Score a line to fold your card in half and press the edge down with your bone folder to get a crisp fold line.

2. Measure the front of your card down the shortest edge and mark off the mid way mark between on both edges.

3. Score between these marks and fold. See the photo to show how this is folded.

4. Your A5 card is about 21 cm when open. Your score lines should be at 10.5cm and again at 15.75cm.

5. Cut a background piece of cardstock from the Mariposa stack to the same size of your card if it was folded in half.

6. Put double sided tape around the lower edge of the front of your base card, up the sides to the first fold line - approx half way up your card and then just below the first fold line. So the tape should be just surrounding the edges of your lower piece of the front card.

7. Adhere your background piece of card to the front of your base card. You should now just have the bottom part of the background card adherred to the base card and the top piece hanging free.

8. At this point if you take hold of the top of your background cardstock and pull it upwards you should have the easel effect. See picture.

9. Choose your insert card from the Mariposa stack. You could mat this with another colour at this point if you wish. Leave approx a 5mm edge between the background card and the insert card. Adhere this to your background with double sided tape.

10. I have used off cuts from a scrap piece and a piece left over when cutting my insert to make the small addition on the right of the card.

11. I used the Vintage Beauty Rub ons to embellish the centre of this piece and then attached it to the insert card with foam mounting tape to give dimension.

12. Use off cuts from your background card piece and your Mariposa background to make the strips that go across the bottom edge. When your card is closed these are not seen as they are inside the card. This strip will be the stand for your easel.

13. Add sentiments along the strips if you wish.

13. Adhere your personalised label to the back of your card.