Cards for Mum

The products you could use and the instructions are listed below.
La Creme
La Creme


1. Fold an A5 card in half using a scoring tool if you have one for a clean finish.

2. Using your bone folder, run this along the folded edge for a flattened neat fold.

3. Type With Love on your computer to fit your vellum piece and print this off.

3. Cut the vellum to the approriate size you would like and adhere this to your piece of card stock using vellum adhesive - this dries clear under your vellum - awesome stuff!!

4. Add your bling to this plaque.

5. Do the same for the plaque on the other card and print the wording out on the white paper.

6. Using two different coordinating pieces of cardstock measure these to your taste as shown and adhere to your card with double sided tape. I used La Creme mat stack for this one but I will also make a similar card using Lemon Flower.

7. Thread the buckle through the ribbon as shown and using ribbon glue, adhere the ribbon over the join of the two pieces of cardstock. Use the glue to seal the ends of the ribbon.

8. Attach you sentiment plaques with foam mounting tape to give dimension to your card. I have added some small roses to the plaques as an extra embellishment. Purchase either of the mat stacks shown and I will include 5 of these roses with your purchase.