Table Decoration

For the products used and instructions - see below.

1. I used a pillar candle purchased at a discount store.

2. Wrap the ribbon around your first candle and let it overhang to the length you desire. Cut the ends on an angle to stop fraying. Cut all your ribbon strips the same length.

3. Place a glue dot in the centre of the underside of your ribbon and press this on to your candle.

4. Thread the buckle through the ribbon from both sides and just before tightening the ribbon, adhere another glue dot behind the buckle and press to the front of the candle.

5. Use additional glue dots if you wish.
6. Decorate with tags with the bride and groom initials as shown or use other embellishments or just leave with the ribbon and buckle.

7. You could use additional buckles around the ribbon if you are having round table seatings so that the embellishments are seen from all angles.

8. Place your candle on a silk flower.

If you would like a quote to have your tags cut in your colour choice, contact me via this site.