Gate Fold Style

The products used and the instructions are listed below.


1. I like to cut a piece of paper the same size as my card so that I can measure the folds correctly. I used a card 140mm x 280mm. Fold the paper in half, then half again. Mark the 1st and third fold onto your card and then score the fold lines and fold these towards the centre. I cut a left over piece of Ever After Prince Charming Cardstock to make my background to the strip. You could use Dove Cardstock.

2. Cut this 4.5cm wide x 140mm long.

3. Cut your patterned strip 3cm x 140mm. Adhere these strips as shown.

4. Put your Cardstock sticker onto a piece of the patterned cardstock leaving an edge around so that the blue is showing. Trim to suit.

5. Put double sided tape onto the back of your sticker and board and lay onto your plain colour once again leaving a strip around the edge. Trim to suit.

6. Turn your sticker square over and put a piece of mounting tape on the right hand side of the square making sure it doesn’t go beyond half way. Peel off the backing, turn over and position over your card.

7. You could adhere a magnet to this and to the other side of the gatefold if you wish to have a secure close, although this is not necessary.

8. Type up your Invitation onto a square of copy paper or vellum slightly smaller that the inside of the card and adhere the top with double sided tape or bling or brads if using vellum. You will get two inserts at least from one sheet of vellum.

The cardstock self adhesive stickers come in the two designs in either gold or silver. They are really good quality stickers. You could also use the same sticker as a seal to your envelope.