A Simple Matching set

The products you could use and the instructions are listed below.


1. Fold the card of your colour choice in half. I have used white as I like the clean simple look of this card. You could use any of the colours listed in our Card and envelope range.

2. Cut a 5cm square from the cardstock colour of your choice. I like the textured look of the Chromatics as it has a linen look. In this sample card I have used a piece of cardstock from my scrap bag.

3. Adhere the cardstock sticker to the cardstock square. You could set it as a diamond as I have done in this example or you could set it as a square. Try both ways to find your preference.

4. If you are doing a square as I have done for the front of the envelope, do them all at the same time in a production line as this saves time and rechecking constantly for sizing etc. You could use a cardstock stick as a seal on the back of the envelope instead if you wish.

5. Cut a 2cm wide strip of cardstock for the edging. Face up, adhere double sided tape down the left hand edge and stick this down under the inside upper edge of your card. I also put a corresponding edge on the inside right hand side of this card as well, but that is a choice and budget thing to consider.

6.Adhere your triangle or square to the front centre of your card with foam tape coming very soon to this site. The foam tape allows the square to sit up from the card and just gives that added finish. I used double sided tape to stick my square to the front of the envelope.

This is such a simple, elegant design that costs very little to put together. If you wish to use any of the Wedding stickers for your invites, email me for the discount code and receive 10% discount off your total purchase.