Invitation Pocket

The products I used and the instructions are listed below.


1. I used an A5 piece of white card to make the pocket. Using a piece of scrap paper the same size I fold the paper in half and then half again. This gave me the measurements for my fold lines. Laying the piece of paper just below the top of the card lightly mark the first and third fold line onto the card. Score down these lines and then fold towards the centre of the card giving you a gate fold. Itís no panic if you have one edge slightly overlapping, just trim so that the two edges meet.

2. Trim card across the top so that the depth of the folded card is now 13.5 cm and the folded card is approximately 10.5cm wide.

3. Cut a piece of black cardstock to fit that size. You may choose to have some of the white pocket showing around the edge. If this is the case trim the black card to suit. Of course you can choose a colour other than black that suits your wedding theme colour.

4. Cut a piece of Silver 3 Background Cardstock 0.5 cm smaller than your base colour.

5. Put a strip of double sided tape right around the back edges of the base and the Silver 3 card.

6. Adhere these two pieces to the front of your pocket. This will cover the seam of the gate fold.

7. Punch a hole in the centre of the bottom of your pocket as shown. This is so that you can insert a brad and this will stop the inserts from falling out the bottom. Insert your brad. You can choose to cover this with bling or leave as it is. I also put bling at the top in the middle as shown. This was to hide my mistake of making the hole at the wrong end. So learn from my mistake and check which way is the top and bottom before punching the hole.

8. Cut 4 piece of cardstock as inserts. I made mine 14.5cm long and 10cm wide. When you come to put the inserts in you can trim anything extra off the bottom or top if you wish but you canít add to it if you make the inserts too short. Itís good to cut a paper piece and try that first before you decide on your measurements.

9. Cut a piece of paper the same size. Fold lengthwise and then fold lengthwise again. This will give you the markers for cutting your tabs. I cut my tabs to 1.5cm. If you have a Cricut machine you may have a cartridge that will actually cut the inserts with tabs for you.

10. Put a bling diamante in the centre of each tab. Below are other suggestions.

11. I used the first insert for the Invitation, the second for a Map, the third for the Order of Service and the forth for the Menu. If I was using this for myself I would post the pocket out with the first two tabs in it and give the Order of Service to people as they arrive and have the Menu on the plate or beside a same style place card. You could also suggest in your envelope when you mail it out that they bring their invitation pocket with them. Some people like to keep invitations as a reminder of the day.

This invitation fits the standard size card envelope.

Variations on this could be a ribbon tied through a hole punched in the tabs, maybe a piece of paua on the tab and down in one corner of the pocket.