Mariposa Card 3

The products you could use to create this card and the instructions are listed below.


1. I chose the two pieces of card from the Mariposa DCWV mat stack.

2. Lay the piece of the butterfly card against your folded A5 card. Choose which long edge you will trim off so that your piece will be the right depth for the card.

3. Trim this piece off and use it as a strip along the bottom of the inside of the card. Stick this down with double sided tape.

3. I cut between the butterflies on an angle as shown in the picture. I used the additional piece from the butterfly page to make Mariposa Card 4.

4. Leave this piece laying on the card and take the other piece of card you have chosen and cut it at the same angle after triming off the excess along the bottom edge. Save this as it will be used for Mariposa Card 4.

5. Adhere these two pieces to the front of your card with double sided tape.

6. Trim off any excess.

7. Print the message onto vellum and using the invisible vellum adhesive adhere this to your contrast cardstock.

8. I used foam tape to adhere the message to the card.

9. Add the bling as shown.

10. Add your personalised sticker to the back of your card.