Cards for Men

I don't know about you but I always find it difficult to dream up new ideas for making cards for the guys. My lovely daughter helped create these.

The products you could use and the instructions are listed below.
La Creme
La Creme


1. We used 3 coordinating pages from the DCWV La Creme Mat Stack. Using the papers from the one stack means that you don't need to worry about what goes with what. The cardstock pages coordinate for you.

2. Looking at the pictures here you will see how the pieces of card have been cut into two main pieces each and one strip. You can rearrange and choose the design and the way you want your card to stand according to your own preference. The card which has the buckle attached is actually in two pieces under the spotted piece so that the fact that it doesn't join doesn't matter.

3. Lay the pieces on the card stock to get the look you want, then using double sided tape stick the first layer down using the narrow strips to cover the joins.

4. I created the labels on my computer using the Lucinda Calligraphy Font. If you don't have this font and decide to purchase some of the products to create this card, contact me and I will make an A4 page of labels of your choice for free.

5. Cut the labels from your printed page and using a scrap of black card stock as a mat, tape the label to the black.

6. Position your labels where you wish on the card.

7. For the buckle card, the strip was cut into two pieces. The buckle threaded through and adherred with glue dots under the buckle. The remaining strip was adherred with double sided tape.

8. To the buckle card I added three buttons also adherred with glue dots.

9. Adhere your personalised label to your card. Now everyone knows how creative you are!!

By making these three cards you are making the best use of your cardstock with no bits left over. You have three very different cards. That's good value!