Wedding Book - Mini

The products you could use for this book and the instructions are below. Don't be limited by the patterned paper shown. There is a large range of patterns on this site and don't forget to check out the Wedding Collection papers. They are stunning.


1. I used the scalloped edge acrylic piece from the mini book pack and also one of the heart shapes.

2. On various pieces of patterned and plain cardstock draw around the heart to make the pages that go between the two acrylic pieces. Make as many as you want and then cut these out.

3.Line the cut out hearts up with the heart shaped acrylic piece and punch a hole through the hearts to allow the jump rings to be inserted.

4. Attached the various wedding pictures to the pages with double sided tape and decorate the pages with Rub -ons. I will be adding the personal details ie names, wedding dates etc.

5. Peel the protective blue covering off both sides of the acrylic pieces.

7. Put the book together with the scalloped piece on the bottom, the various hearts with the pictures on top and then added the heart as the cover. Insert and close the jump rings.

8. Add the various embellishments to the cover. You could choose any of those listed on this page or choose from the many other embellishments on the site. Embellishments can be added to the individual pages as you wish.

9. Cut lengths of ribbon and tie these to the jump ring.

A Bargain - 2 for the price of 1!

As you see, I have only used two pieces from the Acylic Mini Book kit. I have another book that will be added shortly that I made with the other two pieces. It is being given as a gift and will be added to the site once the gift is handed over. To be really thrifty you could use only one piece of the acrylic as a base or a cover and use thick cardstock or chipboard for the other piece. This will give you four books.


You could make a book up as a Wedding, Baby, Birthday or Celebration gift. Add your own pictures or give it to the recipient to add their pictures. Or you could give the kit and various pieces to make the book to the recipient as a gift. This wedding one will be used as a display for my family photos both recent and heritage. Of course the pages can be changed and rearranged when ever you wish.